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Why Summer Moving is So Convenient

Moving is a process. You have to pack everything you own, take it to your new location, and unload everything in such a limited amount of time. Thankfully, summer is the best time to tackle this life event. Many people decide to move over the summer because of how convenient it is. Moving this season will make your transition easier for several reasons:

1. Better Weather

Summer is known for having nice weather. With warmer temperatures and less rainy days, moving at this time of the year is a breeze. Not only will it feel better when packing and traveling, but there’s also less risk for a delay with the moving trucks.

2. Easier Market

Before you can move, you have to sell your old house first. Luckily, summer is the prime time for real estate. More people are looking to buy and sell homes during these months, so you’ll fit right in with the flow of the market. Instead of spending months waiting for someone to take an interest, or paying two leases because you need to move fast, you can sell your home quickly and even get better offers.

3. Flexible Work Time

With the holidays months away, summer is left wide open for work time off. Most families will use this time to go on vacation, but it’s also a great opportunity to move. More flexible hours and a less stressful atmosphere at work will help with the entire packing and moving process.

4. Children are Off School

Lastly, for those with children, summer is the best time to move without disrupting their education. Moving while school is in session can lead to a rough transition, with different teaching styles being introduced, assignments given, and classes to figure out. Waiting until the school year is over makes it easier on the kids because it gives them time to adjust to the changes and integrate into a new school if they need to. Not to mention, it gives you more time as a family to pack and move without their busy school schedule getting in the way.

Move With A Company You Can Trust

It’s no secret that moving is hard. The physical demand required for packing, loading trucks, and moving can take a toll on the body – especially on hot summer days. That’s why Virginia Moving and Storage is here to do all the heavy lifting for you. We offer professional packing, unpacking, moving, and storage solutions for every move.

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, Virginia Moving and Storage will make your journey easier. We offer affordable moving solutions at reasonable rates all year round. Give VMS a call today for a free quote and see what we can do for you this summer.


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