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How We Can Help Move Your Kid to College

As August begins, so does the countdown to college. For some young adults, the end of summer means starting or going back to campus. Whether your kid is moving into their first-year dorm room or their first off-campus apartment, there’s bound to be a lot of stuff. With all the other big changes coming your way, the last thing they or your family needs is to worry about all the complications of moving.

How We Help

Virginia Moving and Storage offers plenty of moving solutions that will help you and your child with this transition. Getting their first apartment is exciting, but there’s a lot of furniture that needs to come with it. Mattresses, tables, and couches are all essential, but they can be troublesome to move if your kid is taking them from home. The family car won’t be big enough to fit all the furniture needed for the apartment. Our moving trucks have plenty of space to hold these items, so there’s less stress to fit it all.

If your child is moving out-of-state, we’ve got you covered. The farther away your child’s school is, the more they’ll need to bring from home. Most families can’t make a second trip to the campus, making it difficult to move with one vehicle or forcing the student to leave items behind and buy them at school.

Virginia Moving and Storage offers solutions for moving across the country and even internationally. Our professional movers can pack and move everything, so nothing gets left behind. We have moving box and truck options for however much space you need. We’ll make sure their items aren’t damaged or misplaced as we safely and efficiently handle them.

When it’s time to take your kid back to school, let Virginia Moving and Storage help you with the moving process. We’ll handle everything, so you can focus on enjoying every moment with them before they go.


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