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Decluttering for a Move

Packing for a big move can be difficult, and the more stuff you have the longer it can take. Not to mention the struggle of finding a place for everything in your new home. Unpacking unneeded items can take the best part of moving and turn it into a nightmare, and finding storage for that old record player you had in college just isn’t worth the hassle. The simplest way to make a move more organized is to declutter before and as you pack.

Decluttering is a sure-fire way to make unpacking go faster and guarantee that all your important personal belongings make it over. If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! Here are a few tips to follow:

Start Early

Packing takes time. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll end up shoving everything you own into random boxes and bringing over things you don’t need. By starting weeks, even months, before the move, you’ll have plenty of time to go through all your personal belongings and decide what you want to keep.

Evaluate Everything

Nothing is harder than going through your stuff and sorting it out. When looking through your personal belongings, ask yourself if each item has a function, purpose, or meaning behind it. A coffee maker is useful, and your grandma’s old dolls are sentimental, but a stained coat that you don’t wear has no place in your new home. Try to only keep things that have value or worth.

Create a Checklist

Organizing your personal belongings will keep your space uncluttered during the packing process. Sorting out your items and categorizing them will help you keep track of what you want to keep. A checklist is a simple way to remember what you’ve packed and what you need to pack or give away.

Sell, Donate, or Trash Unneeded Items

Once you figure out the items you don’t want, the last thing you need to do is get rid of them properly. There are many different agencies that will come pick up old furniture and electronics for free and give them to a home that might need them. If you decide to take the route of donating those old lamps you once loved so much but no longer use, your family can use the donation as a tax write-off at the end of the year. Yard sales are also a great way to sell your items before the move and make some extra cash.

As hard as it may be, some items simply can’t be donated or re-sold depending on their age and condition. If you have items you don’t need or want, there’s no guilt in throwing them away.

When you’re getting ready to move, decluttering is essential for an easy packing process. Once you’re good to go, Virginia Moving and Storage can handle the rest of your moving experience. Call us today and see what we can do for you!


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