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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do with my valuable items?
    Ask your moving team for a "high-value" items inventory sheet. Use this inventory list to record anything being moved with a value of $1000 or more. If you have items of extreme value, be sure to have them appraised and provide our driver with a copy of the appraisal. This will make filing a claim for any lost or damaged property easier, and will also make the packing and moving team aware that you have items of higher value that must be treated carefully.
  • Are there any items that your protection policy does not cover?
    Our protection policy does not cover the following types of items: Coins, Stamps, Card Collections, Currency, Money Appraisals, Deeds, Legal Documents, Manuscripts, Papers Computer Backup Disks, Software Licenses Negotiable Instruments, Receipts, Stocks, Bonds, Tax Records Jewelry, Precious Stones Medications
  • Are there things we can do to keep moving costs down?
    Yes! There are multiple things you can do before your moving team arrives that will ensure the process is quick, efficient, and cost-conscious. Decluttering: if you don't use it, or it's broken, get rid of it! Heavy Furniture: items such as pool tables and pianos should be offered for sale, included with the home sale, or given to the new homeowner. Check to see if you can get the remaining balance on your homeowners' insurance refunded or transferred to your new home. Use garage sales, friends, family, and charity to dispose of any unwanted, still usable items. Never ship things like lumber, wood, lawn and garden supplies, paint, any chemicals, or gasoline. Some of these things are on the "Do Not Ship" list, and others are simply dead weight. If it won't fit in your new home, why ship it or pay for storage? Copy any CDs and DVDs onto your computer and sell or dispose of them. Don't ship heavy garage items or shop tools. Use large planters for packing multiple small items. Any deposits you are owed (for example, from a landlord) should be collected before you move.
  • What do I need to take care of before my moving team arrives?
    There are a few things you can take care of before the moving team arrives that will help your move go quickly and safely. Unhook and disconnect all appliances and electronics, and mark cables for ease of reassembly. Clean and dry all dishes to prevent mold and bacteria. Remove ink/toner cartridges from printers to prevent leaks (which is not covered under our policy) Backup all computer files onto discs, the cloud, or an external hard drive. Clean and dry all appliances as water can freeze and cause significant damage. Remove any CDs and DVDs from electronics as they can warp during transit and cause damage. Hang and fold all clothes.
  • Are there any reservations I need to make?
    If you are moving from an apartment building, you may need to: Ensure there is enough space in the parking lot, as many of our trucks are approximately 75 feet long. If parking permits are needed, you will need to arrange this with your leasing office. If there is a freight elevator in your building, you may need to reserve this or the main elevator to assist your moving team.
  • What should I leave until the last minute before my moving team arrives?
    Remove perishables from the fridge and freezer Clean any outdoor grills Empty garbage cans Unhook garden hoses Get rid of anything you're not planning to ship to avoid paying for these items Remove bedding from all mattresses Remove loose items, liquids, and anything fragile from dresser drawers Strip the walls of paintings, photos, mirrors, and window treatments Pack travel suitcases and keep them separated from your items to be moved to avoid them being loaded on the truck Leave all boxes packed unsealed for movers to verify that contents are safe to ship
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