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COVID and the Moving Industry

As COVID numbers start to decrease, the number of people moving is skyrocketing. Around 56% of Americans plan to move in 2021, compared to just 35% that moved last year in 2020.

Why? With the drastically swinging economy and new ways to work from home, Americans are deciding to move out of the inner cities and head to the suburbs or even further. With this newfound time at home, people are finding they need more room to work and still feel comfortable on their time off. Many people have found they now need an entire office space in their home, where once the couch and a laptop would do the trick. In some homes, both spouses are seeking work-from-home opportunities, increasing home sales and causing the moving industry to boom.

Moving companies are always adjusting to the flex of the economy and thinking of more efficient ways to help families move faster and safer. At Virginia Moving and Storage, we are taking the moving experience to the next level. Partnering with North American Van Lines, a trusted mover since 1933, VMS offers logistics, commercial, and residential moving, becoming a one-stop shop for all moving needs – no matter the size or distance of the move. Virginia Moving and Storage also offers international moves, if your destination is taking you overseas.

Discover how Virginia Moving and Storage can help you move safely, efficiently, and quickly to wherever you might be looking to go today!


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